Tuesday, March 18, 2014

//Figuration Nº.8//

//Figuration Nº. 8//
The chaw-stained smile of a hard-hat scarecrow
turned corporate confidence man
calls to mind shades of a chequered past.

His dog shys away from him still.

“You’re getting older. You’re going to have to live with yourself soon.”, I say as the lunch hour litter of newspapers, crumbs, and soft-pack cellophane ebbs its way between bathroom stalls, into the parking lot, under lockers -only sometimes lapping at the lip of the trash can.

Monday, April 29, 2013


I’m running
past the old school

so there’s Mark?
Joey’s friend
on the elementary
I’m running past,

maybe eleven, drawing
from a cigarette
he found. Joey’s watching him
and I’m
standing away plotting
how to save his life.

I act,
I won’t just stand by.

I bury the butt in tire chips.

my fingertips stink
like hot rubber.

I shake the memory
but not the smell.

and as I pass her house
I’m still in love with Staci Williams.
I still kiss the stream she drank.
I can still run by her house one night
I even crept into her
backyard but the windows were closed,
shades closed there was a black forest behind
me like a poem.

something about coming home, bicycles.
I thought these people neighbors,
they couldn’t
look stranger.

running through
beauty or close-by you want
to be honest for the sake of a butt
you remember when you keep forgetting the world,

17:01.3 or something; the exact time it took
to run down the hill and come back the same.
if you sat and watched you’d only
ever see me running downhill. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


A seam wanders

your body over.

It rakes your neuroses.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

//Spiders and whisky//

//Spiders and whisky//

It's turned cold
and I've been killing spiders and insects in corners all day.

I put the Windsor next to the toaster.
They both warm me.

An account of last weekend.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few prompts for presence

It's grown quiet around here. Here are some prompts that will hopefully lead you out into the street from those foggy white margins. They are in the past tense but put them in the present. Give them a presence and a context, a reason to exist:

a. The afternoon grew dim as the wind whistled through the window and the sound of an ice cream truck clattered off into the distance.

b. S/he stood in (his/her) underwear as a glop of jam slid from (his/her) knife onto the floor. “Today’s going to be a good day”, s/he said.

c. A cigarette flicked from a passing window bounced down the roadway; “CHAOS 2000”, "Who are you?”, “Pressure Treat the DEAD” are written large on the overpasses. Smoke from someone burning their garbage in a backyard by the highway drifts over the hedge.