Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Northern Sky In June

Warm haze

Brings thoughts to mind

of decay

of things lost

I'm feeling now


How does that happen

Make me melt

Float away

//Figuration Nº.1//

//Figuration Nº.1//

Eat falafels
Close one sad eye during the conversation

Let it look for a sunny day.

I met with a friend for lunch a while back. I was doing a lot of portraiture and some figure drawing at the time. If I'd had a pad of paper I'd have scrawled down that bit of peasant grace diligently and carefully as a page or a squire if only I had the memory to match with the proper faculty anymore. It was however this that was the essential expression/gesture that stuck with me as described in words. I hope one day to be able to reconstitute these written descriptions into drawings.