Monday, April 6, 2009

//Nothing to do anything to//

Stockholm, (Eriks våning i Tjustgata, Söder), 7th August ‘08
(I think it was under only a moment or so:
the little white-lies quarreled together on the balcony and then clung together as it began to rain).

Pigeons cling together in the rain
Feeding on the manifest destiny-
-. - --
--The tired death
of daydreams.

The lure of the bed is ever near.
The parade will not pass by.

[Heavenly sickness paints
Hell on the wall.]

Nothing to do anything to,
I am cloven before the doves on the balcony.

[So many swindled moments
laying between so much seed]

The sea awaits only for pigs and chicken-shits
under cloud-tossed skies.

From one of my research workbooks.

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