Saturday, July 24, 2010

Drone In The Back of My Mind

Listening to a Scottish guitar play its drone

Wandering through a dark place, lead by its hand

Wondering what comes next

Imagining what might be

Dreaming of a deep deep sleep

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ocular Herpes

A name far worse
Than the disease.
My vision clouds six times daily
And a sting-
Fire to my eyes and vinegar to my nose.

Nuclear water
Drains down the pipes.

Now through glass,
The world seems smaller,
Almost quaint.

I only hope
That at the end
I keep the perspective,
Leave the pain.

There's nothing terribly introspective about this. Quite the opposite in fact. In Russia, I got ocular herpes somehow. Too much unprotected eye sex maybe. Or perhaps the metro. In any case, I had a really awful routine. Every morning, I had to flush my eyes with some kind of liquid that looked like yellow hilighter had been soaking in. Then, eye drops. Wait 5 minutes. More eye drops. Wait 5 minutes. Manually RUB cream into my eyes. Repeat 6 times daily for 4 weeks.