Thursday, May 17, 2007

//no one on the farms//

//no one on the farms//
it's all so hazy after a vampire's day
suckling metal straw and
iron cud at fourteen minutes past the hour.
pie. pie and marlees. yeahhh. yippie kay-yo kay-yay.
and suddenly tomorrow is today.
too sloshed to arrive on the morning tide
the dissonance of the sunshine sets off car alarms
and i can’t find my neighbourhood anymore
but i don’t want to go home

One drunken morning as I stumbled in my door thinking to have some pie before collapsing to soak up the alcohol I found a pack of Marlees on my front lawn with two left and decided not to smoke.


sovietturkey said...

Pie, vampires, and mechanical cows.


Thought I'm not familiar with "Marlee's".

Gunter Heidrich said...

Haha, hadn't thought of the mechanical cows aspect, just that everything seemed dead that morning, everything existed as no more than matter. I was only so much a person as a cut of meat is a cow I suppose so it's quite fitting.


Dave said...


The cigarette brand?

Gunter Heidrich said...

Much thanks. Yeah, though while intoxicated the other seemed quite right.