Sunday, June 3, 2007


Sun licks the beach
And smokes skirts away
To leave the girls tanning on terry-cloth spits
The calm and quiet loiters

A firecracker bursts in the heat of the heart,
A puff of sighs

Birds and prisoners
The sun holds both by the legs
At the bottom of never
And shines a shallow bath of bleach
Observations on the nature of summer that came to me last week as the sun shone through some Clorox that I was pouring. The underlying idea is simple enough I guess: Most people look to summer as an escape since they are free of the shackles of their drudgery and at least for a short time (a summer holiday perhaps), and can do as they will.

Ultimately though those pie in the sky dreams are left unfulfilled or impermanent though, in the position of Icarus: a little deluded and a lot to lose or get burned by.

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sovietturkey said...

You're killing me. What happened to the Hiroshima one? And when that one was up, where did this go?

Anway, I like this one a little more. I'm a horrible critic, but this piece moves a bit slower; the pace seems deliberate and poetical. Not that the others weren't or didn't, but they had a certain song-like feel to them that made them... catchy, I guess can be said.

Either way, great stuff. I'm envious and frustrated that even though I'm trying to make a profession out of this, you're still better than me.