Thursday, January 3, 2008


Mary loves everyone

to the radio

doesn't mind

likes knowing
somebody's there

loves to

guards her heart with an
infinite kindness

sleeps in

asks the ceiling: "have I not been
Good enough?"

waits for answers

has doubts

pounds the wheel
at night in her driveway

takes a
deep breath

turns on the radio

loves everyone

i have a mild fascination with the name mary, as gunter knows. he put it better himself than i could: "on one hand, mary the mother of christ, on the other mary magdaline, the prostitute. every man's ideal."

this doesn't deal with that at all, but it's a fun way to judge anybody you know named mary.

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sovietturkey said...

I'm fond of the fragmentation, as well as your ability to make a (what I consider) mundane subject so... (what I consider) grandiose.


Gunter Heidrich said...

Nice bit of poetry, exposing all of the odd almost fetish-like obsession that we're afraid to admit to, then suggests that perhaps God is just a product of staring at the ceiling a bit to long...but perhaps I'm reading too much into it and just been staring at the poem a bit too long too.