Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring cleaning.

Just a couple of 'housekeeping' things.

First, welcome to Matt (is it?). His arrival makes us four strong... provided James ever comes back.

Secondly, Chris is going to be putting up some guidelines for a project we'd like to get working on, a collaboration/compilation of sorts. Non-internet publishing might be involved. He'll have something up eventually.

Also, since we're growing in number, we might want to consider expanding in purpose and presentation. Right now, Pedestrian Protection is just a typical, obscure garage band (of poetry), but would you guys be interested in approaching rock star, record label-mode? That is, trying to gain some sort of readership, finding means of exposure, etc., etc.. Or should we stay as we are?

Finally, update. Post. Create. Comment. Twice-monthly sucks. Chris wants a weekly schedule, and I'd push for something even more frequent than that. Anything is good, so long as we're fertile longer than we're fallow.

That's all from me.


kidjumpsearly said...

hey -

apologies first of all. the end of the semester threw me a lot of work and drama (the theatre kind), and even after i got it all done i kept putting off my duties to you guys. lame? yes.

also - i'm just now getting over my asshole english professor's disparaging commentary of my work and wrote yesterday for the first time in months. i'll have that up shortly for scrutiny.

in other exciting news, i'm going to the UK in a few weeks for a three week hiking-trip/english class. a few weeks in my homeland should make me nothing but fertile (james patrick maguire? yeah, i'm irish.), and i'll do what i can to pull my weight around here.

guess who's back, back again, shady's back, tell a friend.


kidjumpsearly said...

forgot to say: let's go rockstar. what's to lose?

Gunter Heidrich said...
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Gunter Heidrich said...

Actually Matt's computer died recently due to spaghetti falling from the heavens, so he may not turn up as soon as anticipated or at least until the computer is sent in and the hard drive replaced under warranty and his files recovered.

I will post the general guidelines shortly.

I'm content but would definitely like to see the group itself expand a bit more first if we're to have the sort of output you're envisioning. I think it would be necessary insofar as it would be the only way to preserve a decent balance of quality and quantity, but I'm game for anything concerning readership so long as it's basically free and doesn't impose any sort of restriction on what we say (which I wouldn't assume it would at this point, but just my view for what it's worth).