Thursday, July 31, 2008

June 16

the Orphan, ascending – abandoned for
hundreds of years, left to his own devices –
the devices left to him, packaged

and mailed across the ocean – the Orphan
today was reunited with the makers,
lifted up, replaced atop the crown

that still adorns his fair ancestry (not really,
not even his people's, but human –
so his) to find not some reflection to

reveal truer self in waters foreign –
anyway, the orphan feels too old
to reinvent – but anonymity

instead, and strange comfort therein; knowledge
that great men walked these giant stones and stumbled
not, but shook them into place, to fashion this

expanse by noble molds their own; and hope,
that he'll be one to shake these stones – or stones
back home – to recreate the world to
himself, if not to anybody else.

1 comment:

Gunter Heidrich said...

I take it this had to do with your experience in England.

It has this strange fractured voice. One tries to speak eloquently but stumbles about it while the other is rather more blunt and modern dismissing the failed eloquence of the other. When considered altogether with author it becomes clear but on it's own I'm not sure how self-evidently it stands because I know you, the Orphan.