Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tea With The Moon

I was dreaming

Swilling from a broken glass

Clarity of mind and depth of soul

Honored and kept throughout

Born to break hearts

Jump cracks in the sidewalks

Through the branches of trees

Through the blades of grass

Was I not dreaming, sipping tea with the Moon?

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Gunter Heidrich said...

It seems to be about childhood and adulthood to me and the implicit innocence(? not sure what the right word might be here) with which we all try to live our lives. But all too soon we wind up swilling when we started sipping.

It's a good concept and a fine motif (if I'm even on base at all with this idea in the first place).

Stylistically 'born to break hearts' seems a bit cliché but then I've listened to a lot of indie rock. 'Jump cracks in the sidewalks' is all very comprehensible to me -sense of childhood, trying to avoid even the smallest of pavement pitfalls etc. 'Through the branches of trees Through the blades of grass' though I can't quite get a handle on... perhaps it carries the idea of being fated to live the life of a beast in the field?

I'd like to see what a minimal version of this would look like from you. If it deals with what I'm thinking it might bear within it that gestalt sense of loss with what's not communicated, 'swilling' and 'sipping' though seem to be the key to this whole thing in any case.