Sunday, June 13, 2010

//Figuration Nº.2//

//Figuration Nº.2//

Single serving charm
Minican soul
Made for tv disposition
Pat Sajack haircut



He is the things people see
with the warmth of novelty.

Another figuration. I'll be doing a series of these. If you recognise yourself don't get offended too easily. Identity's not the point of these exercises. Essentialism and foolish Romantic notions play no role here either.

Feel free to sketch me out too. I'm too bound up in myself as is these days I think. It'd do me some good.


Terri said...

I certainly don't see myself in that one, thankfully. I do see the all-too-common, throw-away celebrity mentality being commented on there. Awareness is what I have, not what he has.

Gunter Heidrich said...

I'm not quite sure what I'd call it actually... He's one of the nicest guys I know and seems to even have some depth, but then again I can't really say for sure as it's only a sense.

I think more precisely than 'the celebrity mentality' mentality as you put it though it's a prefab mentality.

It's a culture of cowards that we live in that time and again goes with what's safe and known.

The result is this culture -my generation that's enamoured with dead-ends(hipsterdom, indie kids) that's so thoroughly cynical that they've come to the point of using void checks as cultural currency (that is to say, the void messages of the older mainstream societies). They do so because they have absolutely no sense of their own time or place or of themselves. They know how to be post-modern but not what the word means -how to question authority and speak authoritatively and with a lot of swagger, but not with any actual authority of their own.

As a result our time -my time is perfunctory.

I feel often that any demonstration of intellect or genuine expression is wasted. I'm tired of screaming to make myself heard, and I guess that's the fire under my ass when it comes down to it.

...there, now it's freely clear in my mind -why I'm writing, drawing, painting, sculpting -any of this, all of this -it's in spite of the shopping mall sun. That's what I'm aware of and have become more aware of tonight, that's what's in the furnace, at least in part. And now after a long night, it's time to sleep.

Thanks for getting me thinking, pardon the tirade.

Terri said...

Is it so terrible of me to wanna **** you right now?!